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Meet the Treatment Team

Each client is assigned a treatment team to ensure the highest quality of care



Our BCBAs create individualized treatment plans for their clients, provide direct supervision on a consistent basis, monitor client's progress in meeting treatment goals, discuss progress reports, virtually or in-person, through weekly parent training meetings, and provide feedback to therapists regarding intervention strategies.



Our SLPs assess and treat communication disorders, record, and evaluate data regarding client progress, assist clients to improve sentence structure and vocabulary, and consult with parents to improve speech at home.


BTs and RBTs

Our therapists work directly under an assigned BCBA in order to implement each child's treatment plan. They work in a one-on-one setting with your child to improve your child's behavior. They are highly skilled in implementing behavior treatment plans and data collection. 



Our OTs facilitate the development of your child’s self-help skills by developing fine/gross motor skills, your child’s ability to attend, and addressing sensory needs. They also communicate with caregivers and other members of your child’s treatment team to ensure coordination of services.

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