LBAs (BCBAs) conduct a two-part initial ABA assessment to establish a child’s current developmental profile and initial behavioral targets for intervention. The first part of the assessment involves a clinical interview with the parents. The second part of the assessment involves a one-on-one observation and interaction with your child at the center. The results of these assessments are utilized to develop a comprehensive and individualized plan for ABA intervention. If required by insurance, the plan will be submitted for review and approval by your insurance company.


Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA is an evidence-based practice that involves application of systematic environmental modifications to produce socially significant improvements in behavior (Baer, Wolf, and Risley, 1968). ABA is an individualized and collaborative behavioral treatment approach driven by assessment and data.

Comprehensive ABA interventions are designed to drive improvements in specific skills that are foundational for more global developmental changes. Treatment may be provided for an extended period of time, and may occur in a home or center setting.

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